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          Thank you for taking time to look at my website. It can be very helpful for you to know about the agent you work or will work with. I believe our cooperation should be not only productive, but also mutually enjoyable.

After living in Washington DC for almost 10 years, where I worked for Senator Bob Dole, I returned to Florida. The only reason I love it here! The sun and the ocean have a magic effect on me and I know I am not the only one. It is a proven fact that people live longer and I want to add happier in Florida.

I personally chose to live as close to the beach as possible. My place maybe not to everyones taste, but it works for ME perfectly. I know that everyone has a list of their own priorities and they are all different. I always listen to what is important for YOU.  Space? Easy access to the major highways? Schools? Tranquility of a lake view? Privacy? Walking distance to bubble of life?Let's find that perfect home for YOU.

I believe that every home has a personality, just like us! Matching it with yours is the art of real estate. There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing your happy face when you step into the right house and start dreaming about arranging your furniture in it! It is going to be your HOME. And I know how sacred the feeling of home is: I grew up in Russia when having your own place was an unrealistic dream. Since I was one of those who dared to dream, it became my passion. And still remains! As I already have my home and even investment properties, I want to help YOU!

So, this is my brief introduction. Your turn! Tell me who you are and what your real estate project is. Weather it is to rent, to buy or to sell you can have me on your side. Everything is so much easier when we are a team, isnt it?!



Lana Daleo

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